Project 21956 multi-purpose Ship

Magazine «Asian Defence and Diplomacy», February, 2008

Today, numerous naval forces worldwide face a complex array of military and civilian challenges. Possessing a national navy is not only a matter of prestige, but absolutely critical to a country’s self-defence.


Severnoye DB eyes the world

Magazine «Asian Defence and Diplomacy», December, 2007

Boasting of over 550 ships built, with total displacement exceeding 1.5 million tons, Severnoye Design Bureau has come a long way since its establishment on 22 April 1946.


Severnoye design bureau Looking confidently into the future

Magazine «Asian Defence and Diplomacy», november, 2006

Throughout the Bureau’s 60-year history, its select group of highly qualified naval architects has been successful in solving the most complicated challenges in the task of designing combat ships.

Fourth Generation of Ships Designed by the Severnoye Design Bureau

Magazine «Defence Order», №2, 2006

These ships can serve as flagships of task forces and interact with other ships, command posts and aircraft, support active combat operations, safety of maritime traffic, normal operational environment, and provide coast guard service and patrolling.

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