Project 21956 Multi-purpose Ship

Main purpose:

The ship is designed for fighting submarines and surface ships of an enemy as well as for anti-submarine and anti-air defense of ships and vessels operating as part of a surface group or a task force performing a mission at sea or in the ocean

Basic characteristics

Full displacement, tons:

ab. 9,000

Overall length, m:


Overall width, m:


Mean draught at full displacement, m:


Speed, knots:

Full speed

Economical speed




Cruising range at economical speed, n. miles:


Endurance by provision, days:


Main Propulsion Plant

M96 two-shaft main gas-turbine assembly with power output of 54,420 kW (74,000 h.p.), it includes the following:

2 x Д090 cruise gas-turbine engines with power output of 10,650 kW (14,500 h.p.) per each

2 x ДТ-59 boost gas-turbine engines with power output of 16,560 kW (22,500 h.p.) per each

Electric Generating Plant

4 x diesel generators with power output of 1,250 kW per each


Strike Missile Weapon:

Kalibr-NKE system, it includes the following:

– 3R-14N fire control system
– 3S-14E launchers
– 3M-54TE SSMs or 91RTE2 ASMs

Anti-Aircraft Weapon:

Rif-M anti-aircraft msl system, it includes the following :
– 3S-48E launchers (modernized ones)
– 48N6E2AAMs
– 9M96EAAMs
– 3Ts-48E.l control system

Kashtan-M msl/gun system, it includes the following :
– 3R86-ME command module
– 3R87-1E combat module
– 9M331-lEAAMs
– 30 mm shells

Artillery Weapon:

– AK-130 13 0mm twin-barrel gun mount
– Ammunition load for 130mm shells
– 5P-10-02E control system

Anti-Submarine Weapon:

– 91RTE2 anti-submarine msls in 3Ts-14E launchers
– TPU/4 missile-torpedo launchers
– 91RE1 anti-submarine missiles or torpedoes of UGST or UETT type


– Fregat-MAE-3 radar Fregat-MAE-4K radar;
– Mineral-ME radar system


– Zarya-ME-03 sonar system
– Vinyetka-EM towed sonar

Electronic Surveillance And Countermeasure Means:

– TK-25E electronic countermeasure system KT-308-5 passive jamming system
it includes the following:

• launchers

• radar jamming shells

• optronic jamming shells

Air Capability:

– ship-borne helos of Ka-28 or Ka-31 type in hangar

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