Patrol Ship of Project 22160

Patrol Ship of Project 22160


The ship is designed for border guard and patrol service in territorial waters, patrolling 200-mile exclusive economic zone in blue waters; suppressing smuggling and pirate activities; rescue operations; environmental monitoring.
In wartime – defense of ships and vessels at sea, as well as naval harbours and water areas with the purpose of alerting hostile attacks.


Dimensions, metres

94.0 х 14.0 х 3.4

Standard displacement, tons

ab. 1,300

Propulsion plant

CODAG type with ab 25,000 kW total output

Full speed, knots

up to 30

Patrolling speed, knots

ab. 16

Cruising range at patrolling speed, miles

up to 6,000

Electrical plant

4 diesel-generators of 300 kW capacity each
1 emergency and harbor diesel generator of ab. 100 kW

Berths for staff depending on purpose (reserve ones incl.), persons

up to 80

Endurance, days



Artillery weapon:

1 x 57 mm А-220М

Air-defence weapon:

1 Gibka AD missile turret mount
8 Igla man-portable AD system

Additional weapon:

2 14.5 mm heavy machine guns

Additional weapon to be installed by request of customer:

1 Shtil-1 AD system with two 3S90E.1 modular launchers
1 Club-N integrated missile system

Anti-underwater saboteur aids:

2 DP-65 hand mortars
1 Pallada divers detection sonar


1 Pozitiv-ME1 air/surface search radar
1 Pal-N navigation radar


1 MGK-335EM-03
1 Vinyetka-EM


1 TK-25E jamming system
1 PK-10 chaff system

Aircraft capability:

Telescopic hangar and helo deck with facilities
for take-off, landing and maintenance of
12-ton rescue helicopter of Ка-27 PS type

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