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Project 11356 Frigate

Project 11356 Frigate


Performing a wide range of missions both at sea and in the ocean against surface ships and submarines of an enemy and to counter airborne threats either single-handedly or collectively


Standard Displacement, tons:


Full Displacement, tons:


Overall Length, metres:


Overall Width, metres:


Draught at standard displacement, metres:


Draught at full displacement, metres:


Full Speed at ambient temperature 15°С, knots:


Full Speed at ambient temperature 40°С, knots:


Economical Speed, knots:


Cruising Range, n miles:


Endurance by Provision, days:


Complement, officers and men:



Anti-Ship Missiles:

Club-N missile system, it includes 3S-14E under-deck launcher (8 ASMs) and 3R-14N-11356 fire control system;
3C-25E acquisition radar

Anti-Aircraft Missiles:

Shtil-1 AD missile system, it includes 3S90E launcher (24 ADMs) and 3R90E1 fire control system;
Kashtan missile-gun system, it includes two 3R87-E combat modules and 3R-86-1E target detection command module (64 ADMs and 6,000 30mm shells);
Eight Igla man-portable missile systems

Artillery Weapons:

Artillery system, it includes A190E 100mm gun mount (300 shells) and 5P-10E fire control system

Anti-Submarine Weapons:

Two DTA-53-11356 twin torpedo tubes and RBU-6000 depth rocket launcher with Purga-11356 fire control system

Electronics Weapons:

Fregat-M2EM air/surface search radar;
Humsa sonar and SNN-137 sonar with towed active array;
MR-212/201-1 and Nucleus-2-6000A navigation radars;
ASOR-11356 ECM system;
PK-10 minimum line decoy dispensing system (four launchers)

Air Capability:

Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopter

Power Plant

Main Propulsion Plant:

Total power of 56,000 h.p. at ambient temperature 15°С

Electrical Plant:

Total power of 3,200 kW Four WCM 800/5diesel-alternatiors

Design Particulars:

The design was developed for the Indian Navy. Three ships were built at Saint Petersburg-based Baltiysky shipyard

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